Capital Investments

Investing in Our Community’s Future

Steering Funds Toward an Improved Central Ohio

COTA is able to provide better community transit service by maintaining and constructing modern, high-quality facilities. Our capital investments include:

  • vehicles and vehicle maintenance facilities
  • shelters, benches and trash bins
  • park & rides
  • transit centers
  • high-tech computer and security related systems
  • other improvements that directly improve the customer experience

Current Investments:

McKinley Avenue Bus and Maintenance Facility: Compressed Natural Gas Renovation

Located at 1600 McKinley Avenue, this 400,000 square foot bus storage and maintenance facility was completed in 1980. Now over 30 years old, this facility experienced numerous mechanical, electrical and equipment failures. Consequently, COTA facility staff prioritized needed major repairs and upgrades to the building and grounds, including renovation to service compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. Learn more from our McKinley Avenue Compressed Natural Gas Fact Sheet.

New Build: Mobility Services Facility

COTA completed a new 104,000 square foot paratransit facility at 1330 Fields Avenue in January 2011 that:

  • Houses up to 104 paratransit vehicles.
  • Serves as the headquarters for COTA Mobility Services administrative staff.

COTA submitted the Mobility Services Facility for LEED Silver certifications. Read our Fact Sheet to learn more.

New: Mobility Assessment Center

COTA completed a new 3,000-square-foot Mobility Assessment Center in the new Mobility Services Facility. In compliance with Federal Guidelines, the facility is intended to:

  • Simulate environmental conditions that an individual would encounter while utilizing public transportation.
  • Provide individual assessments to determine a person’s capability to ride public transportation. Those incapable of maneuvering and navigating the challenges of the center would be eligible for the Paratransit program.

Read the Mobility Assessment Center fact sheet.

Addition: Assessment Center Mural

A streetscape mural of the Short North area contributes to the beauty and realism of the new Mobility Assessment Center. A panel representing the Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus Museum of Art, Central Ohio Transit Authority and VSA Ohio volunteered their time and expertise to identify artwork placed throughout the facility.

Central Ohio artist John Sunami created the Short North mural after being selected by the panel to design art specifically for the eligibility Assessment Center.

Renovation: Fields Avenue Facility

COTA completed extensive renovations to its 273,000-square-foot Fields Avenue Facility.